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Cargus launches a new offer that reduces delivery costs by up to 72% for small businesses

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  • Cargus promotional Subscription Offer for Entrepreneurs is an innovative, game changing offer for the local courier market;
  • Reducing delivery costs even up to 72%;
  • It is dedicated to entrepreneurs and small businesses, which can now compete with the largest ecommerce retailers in the market;
  • Packages up to 20 kg in one flat price rate can be delivered, without variable or additional charging.

Cargus launches a new promotional, innovative, and valuable offer on the courier market in Romania, dedicated especially for entrepreneurs and small businesses. The offer is similar with mobile subscriptions model, which reduces shipping costs and even prices for delivered products. Thus, regardless of business size, product shipment is done in an efficient, cost-effective, and professional way, which can also lead to increased competition on the e-commerce segment.

This launch is a first for Cargus on the courier market. Practically, in exchange for a fixed amount, under a monthly subscription of a shipment of 20, 50,100 or 200 parcels in one flat price rate. This means that the number of monthly deliveries (logistic minimums) do not have to be declared, nor the seasonal fluctuations of volumes. All unused expeditions in a month can be used when needed.

“This innovative offer takes us a step forward to our promise to have the best shipping rates on the market, all while focusing on digital enhancement. Our promise in now made towards the small businesses which, during such complicated times, are looking for the best delivery rate. Furthermore, we made it available at a time when the volumes of deliveries grow considerably and can be a real support for small entrepreneurs who are able to sell and ship more, but with reduced costs. Black Friday and winter holidays could relaunch and small businesses in Romania, who have suffered a lot in the last two years of pandemic, especially those activating in the traditional retail store model. From our estimations, entrepreneurs who have chosen the Cargus subscription have reduced costs with more than 72% “, said Jaroslaw Sliwa, CEO Cargus.

According to an analysis carried out in September, by Ciel Romania, an important software producer for companies, nearly two-thirds of Romanian entrepreneurs (62%) do not perceive economic growth, and the situation is amplified by the increase of costs with suppliers, utilities or in retail.

The best price for a delivery of up to 20 kg for 200 parcels is 12.50 lei.

Under these conditions & costs, Cargus subscriptions are a real support for Romanian entrepreneurs as they offer flexibility, predictability, and reduced shipping rates for their logistic activities available until now only for the biggest eCommerce players. From this moment, small entrepreneurs can be more competitive as they do not have to provide a fixed number of monthly shipments, and, most importantly costs remain unchanged throughout the contract.

In addition, the offer also includes other services that do not involve additional costs:

  • Extended delivery area;
  • Reduced, flat price rate for COD;
  • Free notifications sent by e-mail and SMS to recipients;
  • Access 24/7 to Online Application WebExpress, for easy transportation and tracking of the transport note;
  • Integration with the most popular eCommerce platforms.

The offer is launched in the context in which Romanian entrepreneurs have decided to give greater importance to digitize their businesses. 45% of those who have entered the mentioned study have already made investments in digitization during the pandemic, and 37% plan new investments in the coming months This means more shipments of products in the near future for Romanian entrepreneurs.

The offer is limited time only, being valid only for those who will sign a contract until the end Year – 31.12.2021.


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