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Cargus launches a new subscription offer with up to 600 free shipments

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      • The new Cargus subscription for businesses offers a range of innovative benefits at no extra cost;
      • Guarantees price maintenance for the duration of the subscription;
      • Offers a flat rate for parcels up to 20 kg;
      • Companies that choose the new subscriptions from Cargus will also be able to compete with the big retailers on delivery costs;


Bucharest, 10 February 2022

Cargus launches a new, innovative and valuable promotional offer on the Romanian courier market, for companies. Based on the mobile phone subscription model, the offer reduces shipping costs and even prices for delivered products for entrepreneurs and small businesses. In this way, Cargus customers will be able to compete with others in their industry not only in terms of the price of goods, but also in terms of delivery costs.

The new Cargus offer is the first of its kind for the Romanian courier market. The innovation of the offer lies not only in the way of settlement with the customer, but also in the calculation of the delivery price according to the weight of the shipment (between 1 – 20 kg), without additional weight thresholds. Until now, this method was only available to the largest Romanian retailers (Altex, eMag).

Cargus is offering particularly advantageous prices with its new business offer. Thus, by purchasing the MAXI BUSINESS 200 subscription, for a period of 24 months, the price for a package weighing up to 20 kg will be from 10.22 RON + VAT. In addition, the MAXI BUSINESS 200 subscription includes 200 shipments/month, plus other 25 monthly shipments offered as a bonus. This way, in 24 months, customers will benefit from 600 extra free shipments.

The new Cargus offer also includes the promotional price for Click & Collect shipments (parcels shipped from Ship & Go to Ship & Go), which starts at 6.42 lei + VAT.

The new Cargus subscription offer is also a price maintenance guarantee for the duration of the contract (12 or 24 months), as the courier company undertakes not to change in any way the rates charged during the validity of the subscription.

The offer also includes other services at no extra cost:

      • extended delivery area;
      • flat rate for parcels up to 20 kg;
      • free e-mail and SMS notifications to recipients;
      • once-a-month billing;
      • 24/7 access to the WebExpress online application, for easy generation and tracking of the delivery note;
      • integration with most popular eCommerce platforms.

A distinctive feature of the new subscription offer is its periodic nature, which will only be available for clients who sign a contract with Cargus until 30.04.2022 (limited offer).

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