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The Cargus Mobile App has over 300,000 downloads and an average monthly growth rate of over 50%

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Accelerated digitization and automation of the courier industry

  • In 8 months since its launch, Cargus Mobile registered over 300,000 downloads from Google Play and App Store, being one of the most used business applications in Romania.
  • More than 60,000 users accessed the app at least once in the last 30 days (in July), with an increase of 15%, compared to the previous period.
  • 95% of users use all the functionalities of the application.
  • The Cargus Mobile app was launched in November 2021 and allows users to track parcels or redirect them to the nearest Cargus SHIP & GO point, directly from their smartphone.


Bucharest, 04 August 2022

Cargus Mobile application has reached a new record of interest and use on the Romanian courier market: in the first eight months of its launch it was downloaded 300,000 times from Google Play and App Store. In addition, the average monthly increase of the downloads was over 50%, with November and December 2021 being the months with the best performance, generated by contextual events such as Black Friday and Winter Holidays.

Cargus Mobile application offers users the possibility to send parcels quickly, to track the status of a package, but also to direct the purchased products to another destination, becoming shortly a tool highly appreciated by customers. Over 60,000 of the users have accessed the application at least once in the last 30 days, up by 15% compared to the previous period, and 95% of them have used all the available functionalities – sending, package tracking, package forwarding.  The most appreciated  feature is the receipt of automatic notifications at each update of the delivery status from the moment of handing over the package to the courier.

“The use of mobile applications in parcel delivery represents one of the most efficient and accessible opportunities for digitization and automation of the courier industry. Our Mobile app represents an important investment for us and an essential step in our journey to strengthen our leading position in innovation. In the medium and long term, our efforts and investments will focus on building a universe of products and solutions tailored to today’s consumers, the needs of the e-commerce market, that generate structural changes in the courier industry. The estimates point out a 4.9% increase in the global courier and delivery market in 2022, double the average of the last five years, growth also generated by massive investments in technological innovations and digitizations, which accelerates the customer experience and delivery efficiency,” says Olivier Van Houtte, CEO of Cargus.

Cargus Mobile app is a useful tool for customers who want to follow the status of their order, but also for individuals who send frequent parcels – 30% of the parcels shipped are made through the application.

In the top of the most used features of the application are: sending and tracking packages, redirecting them to another destination and the courier rating. Also, in order to keep a dynamic and flexible delivery, Cargus Mobile provides users with several opportunities to manage the delivery process, through the application:

  • All Cargus deliveries are visible in the Cargus Mobile app and their status can be tracked;
  • Updating the place of delivery or the date of delivery;
  • With a single click, the user can change the place of the delivery/collection; the package can be redirected to a SHIP & GO point, from where it can be picked up within 3 working days;
  • Payment for parcel delivery can be made by card, but also by PaybyLink at SHIP & GO points.

Most users of the Cargus Mobile app are from Bucharest (45%) and Cluj-Napoca (17%), followed by those from Timisoara (8.6%), Iasi (7.8%) and Brasov (6.8%).

Cargus Mobile was designated “The best application of a courier company”, at the Romanian Courier & Postal Services Business Awards 2021, and its placement in the top of the rankings is another confirmation of its usefulness and efficiency for the courier market. Just two months after its launch, the app had the first position in the most downloaded business apps in Romania, according to Google Play. Currently, Cargus Mobile is in the top 10 business applications in Romania in Google Play and in the top 30 utility applications in the App Store.

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