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economic standard details

The best service if you’ re looking for most economic option standard parcels deliveries on any consignee address in Romania



Service type and shipments

Domestic service; envelopes and parcels

Delivery Times

Delivery: the minimum delivery term is one working day and a maximum of 3 (three) working days, calculated from the pick-up; 2 (two) free delivery attempts, performed on different days. Check remote area services transit times.

Service Days

Monday–Friday, with Saturday delivery option for Fridays pickups available in additional service in many locations without additional charge

Delivery Area

Available to all destinations (locations / ZIP codes) in Romania

Package Size and Weight

Packages with a gravimetric or volumetric weight up to 31 kg. The maximum size allowed is 175 cm, the sum of all dimensions (L + l + i) must not exceed 240 cm.

Additional Information


No exception in service avalibility


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