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I understand that you want to have a choice of how to pay COD for the shipment that we deliver for you, which is why we have your preffered means to make a payment. Remember that you can use any method independently to pay COD for your shipment.


Pay by Card

The most convenient form of payment with any payment card that you make at the courier . It is enough to inform the courier that you want to pay by card for COD. You will receive a confirmation of the transaction from the courier.


Pay by Cash

As a recipient of shipments, you certainly know this method of payment best/

Payment for COD can be made in cash when delivering the parcel to your address by courier as well as at selected Ship&Go points that are branches of Cargus.

If you want to pick up the parcel at the Ship&Go location and you want to pay in cash, pay attention to whether it is our Branch. You will find a special one in the description of the point on our website on Find Ship & Go page

Find a Ship&Go or Parcel Service Point

The nearest Ship&Go is probably just around the corner! Send or collect your shipment when you’re not at home!

Find a parcel and enjoy cool features

Manage all your parcel on the way and benefit from so many cool features. New Cargus Mobile App – so convenient!