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International Additional Services and Surcharges Details

Additional services and surcharge options which support your shipping needs

Service & Surcharge Name


Declared value

Additional service in that consists in ensuring a postal item (envelopes and parcels) registered against loss, theft, total or partial destruction or damage, for an amount that can not exceed the value declared by the sender and release, upon request, later the submission, respectively the delivery of the postal item, of a proof regarding the submission of the postal item or the delivery to the recipient, without being confirmed in writing by him.


  • It has as object the extension of the liability limit of the Cargus Supplier
  • Fee related to the insurance of the postal item: 1% of the declared value, mentioned on the transport document
  • Maximum declared value: 23,000 RON / postal item
  • Delivery is made "door-to-door"


It is a surcharge applies to services offered to customers who have a commercial contract


  • It is applied in the case of shipments whose gravimetric weight declared by the customer is lower than the real one, established after re-weighing by Cargus with approved measuring and weighing means
  • It is applied in the situation in which - following the re-weighing - the weight of the shipment passes in another gravimetric weight band than the one declared by the client on the transport document

Fuel surcharge

Additional sucharge for interantional service. The fuel index applied to the basic tariff of the service can be found on www.cargus.ro