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Notification in accordance with Whistleblowing Policy

Complying with statutory regulations and internal rules has top priority at CARGUS.

CARGUS ‘success is based on maintaining the highest level of ethics and conduct, with zero tolerance for illegal acts and offenses, considering that you can be our partners in ensuring the integrity and security of the Company.

Whistleblowing notifications are intended to protect Cargus against ethical misconduct, fraud and any other aspects of non-compliance that would harm the image, trade or trigger legal, contractual or any other sanction, lowering the reputation and profitability of the company.

Cargus whistleblowing system cannot be used to deliberately make false accusations against persons, nor to intentionally report false information.

Any whistleblowing must be made in good faith. Whistleblowing are protected against repressive or sanctioning, in accordance with CARGUS Whistleblowing Policy found here.

All notifications are treated strictly confidentially.
More information about the Privacy Policy can be found here.


In the whistleblower system, you can report:

  • non-compliance with the internal Policies, regulations and procedures of Cargus, of the Codes of Conduct, e.g. anti-corruption, money laundering, conflict of interest, antitrust practices, harassment, discrimination;
  • accusations of falsification of accounting records and financial statements – tax evasion;
  • corruption, fraud, theft, embezzlement, money laundering;
  • human rights issues, violations of competition law;
  • the possible perpetration of an offense in connection with the above;
  • non-compliance with any legal obligation;
  • any danger to the health and safety of any person;
  • environmental damages;
  • intentional concealment of any of the above deeds;
  • in general, any act or omission that could harm the Company or its reputation

Other actions, complaints, are notified through the usual communication channels.


To the extent that you want to ensure complete anonymity, you must consider the following precautions, in addition to not providing your personal data:

  • Avoid using the network / computer that is connected to the company’s intranet;
  • Avoid sending the notification from the computer you received from your employer;
  • Access the alert system by copying or typing the URL into your internet browser instead of clicking on the dedicated link.

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