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47% of online buyers willing to abandon cart for lack of information regarding payment means

With Cargus, your customers can pay how they want, so you don't miss a sale

47% of customers are willing to abandon their cart for not knowing if their prefered method of payment is available. *

1 in 2 customers will be more willing to shop when the online shop offers a wide range of payment methods that meet their expectations. More than 65% of customers would still choose cash on delivery**

57% of online shoppers are attracted by the availability of different payment methods**

Great ecommerce experiences are a differentiator in today’s increasingly digital shopping environment. Ongoing interest to determine and provide preferred payment methods should be part of the consumer journey on top performing e-shops. Optimizing your landing page, product, cart, and checkout pages is critical to help:

  • Reduce cart abandonment
  • Improve your conversion rates
  • Increase spend/average order value (AOV)
  • Boost your customers’ loyalty
Adopte these best practices and improve your conversion rates, increase cart sizes, and boost your customers’ loyalty and reduce the shopping cart abandonment,


Informing customers upstream about the availability of these popular payment options – even as early as your homepage – may help open new opportunities for customer acquisition and retention.

The most popular position is the footer, where the information you provide will be available throughout the customer’s session on the website.

A great option is to present delivery and payment options using icons or names of courier services.

Payment by card on delivery examples on top page and footer


So you spent a great amount of time trying to optimise your product pages for SEO. Then takes one more step and reduce checkout friction by indicating the most preffered payment means.On the listings, placing a logotype with an icon will raise the competitiveness of the product, reducing attention to price, increasing competitiveness without having to go into product details.

Depending on the ecomm platform structure you can signal the pay by card at delivery inside the group service listing or as trust badge .


Use the ready-made wizzard widget in your store. You will be able to adjust the location, size, color scheme to the needs of your eShop and get HTML code that you can conveniently glue into the body of your website


Enables you to generate labels, create shipments, and manage billing provides information about the service in real time, e.g.: a list of available points, price lists, shipment statuses, information about the Parcel Locker preferred by the customer

 How to integrate Shio & GO delivery method into your store?

We have developed integrstion solutions for the most popular ecomm platforms:

Cargus has a digital kit that includes:

pictograms, logos and banners

buttons Cargus

widgets & API Cargus

payment on delivery through Pin on Glass

monitoring shipments through the Cargus Mobile app