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Peak season on the courier market. Cargus estimates that delivery volume will increase by more than 60% by the end of November

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  • Cargus has been preparing throughout the year for the current peak season, making investments in the operational flow, in the final phase of delivery or in IT and communication solutions with the final recipients;
  • Cargus opened a series of 8 larger logistics warehouses, located in strategic locations, equipped with semi-automatic sorting systems, to reduce the delivery time of packages;
  • The results of these investments: Cargus has the best rate of delivery on the Romanian courier market. 92% of total parcels reach their recipients within 24 hours


The e-commerce market has benefited from a growth trend in recent years. In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Romanian courier market has grown more since 2020, even if there were unpredictable fluctuations from one month to another due to different protection measures for COVID-19, which influence consumption trends of customers. 2021 continued this evolution in the field of deliveries, but at a slower pace than in 2020 and with a slight decrease during the summer due to the relaxation measures and the holiday period of Romanians.

The last two months of the year also represent the peak of the season on the Romanian courier market. Black Friday is just the beginning, and the volume of packages delivered increases significantly by Christmas. Cargus expects an increase of at least 60% in the number of packages handled, compared to the same period last year.

Under these conditions, Cargus Romania has optimized its delivery process by opening 8 new larger warehouses, equipped with semi-automatic sorting systems that doubled their sorting capacity. Moreover, the investment made for the warehouse in Brasov, now equipped with an automatic sorting system, has resulted in a three-fold increase in sorting capacity for the area served and an improved on time delivery to 92% ( for the first 24h),  a reduction by one third of the total number of complaints and an improvement in Customer Satisfaction Index.  No coincidentally, the Cargus team won no less than 4 awards at the Romanian Contact Center Awards this year.

Cargus has been preparing throughout the year for the current peak season, investing heavily primarily in the development of operational assets, last mile distribution, IT solutions and communication with delivery recipients. In the middle of this year, the company also launched a network of partner collection points under the Ship & Go brand, and by the end of this year, we intend to increase their number to over 300 nationwide”, said Jarosław Śliwa, CEO of Cargus .

Starting from October, Cargus also launched card on delivery payment, which is a significant step towards the digitization of courier services. This service is based on a software that transformed 2,500 Zebra PDAs used by Cargus couriers into a mobile point of sale (POS) for parcels shipped across the country.

“Equipping Cargus couriers with Zebra TC57 Android mobile computers running an innovative card payment software solution helps improve productivity and increase customer satisfaction,” said Jacek Żurowski, Regional Sales Director for Central and Eastern Europe. East, Zebra Technologies.

In addition to Card on Delivery payment service, the communication with the recipients of the shipments has also changed. E-mail and SMS messages for recipients of the shipment have received new features, including the option to forward deliveries, which will allow the recipient to pick up the package from a pick-up point of their choice if it is not at the address.

The Cargus Mobile application is also the next step in the innovative solutions that Cargus implements in the courier services market. Now, all Cargus deliveries will be automatically available to the recipient in a single application, and the package can be picked up from the courier or from a Ship & Go point. An absolute novelty on the courier market, available in the Cargus application, is the courier rating, through which Cargus wants to actively promote and reward employees and partners who offer the best rated delivery services.

Overall, by the end of the year, Cargus expects a consistent and steady increase in the volume of parcels. Usually, this period brings volumes more 60% higher than in previous months.


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