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repare the package, properly protecting it against possible damage.

Log in to the WebExpress by going to Cargus WebExpress. If you don’t have account at WebExpress register as a new customer. In the “Send parcels” panel, provide the recipient’s details, including the size of the parcel. Generate a label for your package. The Parcel Manager will tell you the cost of shipping the package himself. You will pay for the label with your funds in App. At the very end, click on the “Pay, print and send” button. The amount for generating the label will be charged from your account in the Package Manager. Your label will be created as an * .pdf file. Be sure to print the generated label.

Then prepare the package, taking care of proper packaging of your shipment. In the next step, stick the previously printed label on the cardboard.

Call to our Conatct Center to order a courier parcel pick up from you or you can ship directly in on of  our Ship&Go locations.

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