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Information – weather events

March 18, 2021

Following the weather events, since the beginning of the week some routes and destinations have encountered non-compliant situations, for which the entire Cargus team applies the most effective measures to ensure continuity and delivery times for all our customers.

The affected areas and routes are detailed below:

• Suceava, Iași, Bacău to Brașov – delays in arriving in Brașov – as a result of this situation, the goods remain in the premises of Cargus in Brașov or Bacău.

• Oradea to Brașov and Brașov to Sibiu – the same delay regime, with the possibility of retaining the goods in Brașov, respectively Sibiu, until taking over for the following destinations.

• Brașov to Focșani, Iași, Suceava and Timișoara, Sibiu to Bacău – registers travel delays in the Transylvania area and continues the low-speed routes to the destination stations, making it difficult to estimate their arrival.

• Brașov to Cluj – there are stops or transhipments – elements that accumulate delays at the destination.

Complementary to the road incidents (accidents, technical failures) related to the means of transport on the routes, correlated with the weather events may generate additional delays or keeping the goods in the Cargus locations until the resumption of the destination.

For additional details, please send to our colleagues all the clarification needs on the support channels: contact@cargus.ro and the telephone lines 021 9330 (for Bucharest) and 021 9282 (for national information – exclusively Bucharest).

Thanks and we set off,
The Cargus team

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