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WebExpress is an online shipment processing instrument, brought to you free of charge, designed for customers with small and medium volume shipments, which gives you the opportunity to issue your own transportation notes and to send a pick up order to a courier without having to call Customer Relations Service.


  • It can be accessed from the home page www.www.cargus.ro., and no installation is required;
  • It offers registered users the opportunity to access a shipment history at any time, as well as to keep a database with shipments and recipient addresses;
  • It can be used by customers who do not have a contract with Cargus;
  • It offers the possibility to launch pick up orders without contacting our Contact Centre department via telephone;
  • You can export delivery information or details about recipients;
  • It provides the flexibility you need to better organize the time you spend on shipments (shipment processing can be done at any time of the day);
  • You can edit customers in your own database;
  • It can store past records and recipient addresses, thus avoiding shipping sheet-related human errors;
  • It allows shipment tracking, the generation of reports containing shipment details, as well as to inform the recipient, via e-mail, about the package that will be sent;
  • It can create and print a daily shipment slip – shipment control;
  • It also helps you manage shipments and related costs more effectively;
  • It is e extremely easy to use, and offers the possibility to automatically print shipping documents and labels;
  • You can save time and money every day by automating various internal processes and reducing documentation;
  • It provides technical support and advice from the Cargus e-commerce team;

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