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Cargus Mobile, in the top 10 business applications in Romania

AuthorIulia Becheanu
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  • Cargus Mobile is officially in the top 10 business applications in Romania, in Google Play, just one month after its launch;
  • The Cargus app was highlighted in top trends, in Appstore, where it ranks in the top 30 utility apps for iOS;
  • In early November, Cargus launched the mobile application, which includes solutions for users who want an innovative, dynamic and adaptable delivery service;
  • With the Cargus Mobile application you can change, in real time, the destination of the package, which can be redirected to a Ship & Go point;

Just one month after its launch, the Cargus Mobile application entered the top 10 business applications in Romania, according to Google Play. Also, in Appstore, the application has entered the top 30 utility applications and is highlighted as a trendy application for iOS system users.

So far, Cargus Mobile has recorded over 9,000 downloads in Google Play and over 4,000 in Appstore and around 100,000 packages have been located by those who have used the app in the last month. The most commonly used features of the app were the Track & Trace option, which provides instant information on all Cargus deliveries, as well as the option to redirect parcels to the nearest Ship & Go point for later pick-up by recipients.

“Cargus Mobile App is the result of our ambition to provide our customers an innovative tool that enhances and simplifies the delivery experience. By simply using the Cargus Mobile application and a mobile phone, our customers have, at any time and from any corner of the country, access to our services, visibility and control over their packages.

Just one month after its launch, placing Cargus Mobile in the top rankings and trends highlighted in online app stores, based on user reviews and interest, ensures that we are on the right track and that our investments in technology meet the needs of our customers.” said Jaroslaw Sliwa, CEO of Cargus.

Another advantage that Cargus Mobile offers to its users is the possibility to find in the application any package ever sent through Cargus. You can find out what products you bought last year on Black Friday or what gifts you delivered last Christmas.

In order to maintain a dynamic and flexible delivery, Cargus Mobile provides users with several opportunities to manage the delivery process through the application:

  • All Cargus deliveries are instantly visible in the Cargus Mobile app;
  • With a single click, the User / Recipient can change the destination on the go. The package can be forwarded to a Conversții directe prin chat cu departamentul Cargus Contact Center;
  • Direct chat with Cargus Contact Center;
  • Card on delivery payment for parcels, directly on the courier’s device, but also by PayByLink at Ship & Go points, using the Cargus Mobile Application.

An absolute novelty on the courier market, but already known from the transport applications, is the courier’s rating, through which Cargus wants to actively promote and reward the courier that offers the best rated delivery services.


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Iulia Becheanu