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This page offers details about the type of information we are collecting from you, about the purpose of collecting the information, and about the options you have regarding our activities. By accessing and using the content of this website and by posting your personal information on this website you therefore accept the confidentiality policy.

Information about you that we gather:
Through this website, we collect a number of information about you, including but not limited to:
1. Your email address. We treat this information as an information that helps us identify the user.
2. Information that do not serve identification purposes: demographics, information about the device that you are using to access the website, your activity in the website, your location.

We gather information about you in the following ways:
1. Information that you have offered us when:
a) you register for the newsletter,
b) you request information through email or through the contact form,
c) you take part in surveys and questionnaires.
2. Information that is automatically collected, such as the type of device (desktop or mobile) which you use to access the website, the software platform you are currently using, your location, the time spent on the website and the actions you have taken on the website.

Information that is automatically collected
The technologies used in order to collect information are:
– Cookies. This website uses three types of cookies (cookies are small text files placed on your device’s hard disk): a session cookie that expires as soon as you have left the website, a permanent cookie that saves information about your website visit and once you have accessed the website again the information is available and a session cookie that expires 30 minutes after you have accessed the website

Disable cookies
You can disable cookies at any time by adjusting your browser’s option, but this may limit the functionality of our website (as with most websites), considering that cookies are a basic component of online technology.

Altering the confidentiality policy
– We maintain the right to do any changes to this confidentiality policy according to the legal requirements or our partners. The effective date for the last changes will be specifically mentioned at the end of this document.
– By continuing your activity on this website, you agree to the updated confidentiality policy