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Track shipment

Track shipments in near real time without logging in. Save shipments for quick real-time updates.

Sorry, we could not locate the shipment details for provided tracking number. Please verify your number and note that tracking available for shipments made within the last 365 days.

The e-commerce services tailored as you need!

We will continue to support your business. You can rely on us to deliver goods to private customers in Romania with our fast, reliable services on addres or click&collect

Speedup your shippments!

We understand you need get shipments ready faster with a fewer tools. Check out our tool solutions, that will help you speed up and reduces costs!

Our best service fits your business needs



The best services solution for Economic Next Day Goods Delivery across the same City



The best services for Next Day Economic Goods Delivery as well as Time-Definite and Click & Collect Delivery around the Country



Choose our Cross Border International Express or Economic services when you’re trade and deliver you goods on international markets and customers

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We are constantly developing our network of Ship&Go Point locations!

Do you see the potential to open our Ship&Go point in your area? Don’t wait and do let us know

Take a short journey and check how Cargus is aiming to be the greenest delivery company in Romania

Join thousands of clients works with Cargus

If you are looking for cheaper parcel delivery, but you are also interested in comprehensive
delivery options in cooperation with logistics market leader? Don’t have to look further!

We have built a strong reputation among our customers for our comprehensive
delivery offer and efficient deliveries in Romania to ensure that customers have
the widest choice of delivery options when shipping their parcels