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Cargus subscription courier services have grown by 500% compared to the end of last year

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  • More than half of these subscriptions were concluded for a period of 24 months.
  • More than 20% of companies chose the complex options, with more than 100 parcels per month.
  • Business option with inflation shield reduces delivery costs by up to 80%.


In 2021, Cargus launched the subscription, a fixed-price option for all parcels up to 20 kg, with no surcharges, which reduces shipping costs, especially for e-commerce entrepreneurs. The product proved to be an efficient solution in a complex economic context: Cargus subscriptions increased 5 times in the last three months (April-June 2022), compared to the end of last year (October-December 2021).

Moreover, 58% of the companies chose a delivery subscription for a period of 24 months and over 20% opted for packages with 100 or 200 parcels sent per month.

Also, companies that purchased Cargus subscriptions are active in industries such as FMCG (43%), transport & logistics, auto, fashion and construction, and carry out their commercial activity in Bucharest, Cluj, Timișoara, Ploiești or Târgu Mureș. Analyzing the delivery destination, 40% of the parcels sent by merchants with a subscription reached their customers in Bucharest, Cluj, Timișoara and Constanța.


New option for entrepreneurs

Cargus has recently launched a new option for companies, which can send parcels at advantageous prices. The subscription reduces shipping costs for merchants and entrepreneurs by setting a fixed price throughout the contract period (12 or 24 months) for all parcels up to 20 kg, with no surcharges or fuel tax. Thus, delivery costs become competitive and efficient for e-commerce entrepreneurs.

The monthly subscription helps companies send from 20 to 200 parcels per month, with a price starting from 9.90 lei per shipment. For shipments in the network of over 750 SHIP & GO points, the price can even reach 6.42 lei/parcel.

What’s more important, merchants don’t have to worry about seasonal fluctuations – all unused shipments in a month can be carried over and used when needed, and extra parcels are discounted. Subscriptions with deliveries included are also an anti-inflation shield for merchants. In short, subscription gives companies predictability and efficiency.

Cargus also offers companies a series of innovative and valuable services on the Romanian courier market. Buyers can benefit from the option of card payment on delivery, thanks to the investments in the couriers’ equipment. Moreover, through the Cargus Mobile application, users have full visibility on the status of deliveries, can redirect parcels to a nearby SHIP & GO point or can access with a single click the Quick Return option – available to final recipients – which streamlines the return process. Very soon, the option will also be available to online stores so that they can have direct access to the customer return process.


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