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Fulfillment Solutions by Cargus & QeOps

Learn about the benefits of outsourcing in Logistics

Customized logistic solutions, aiming at contributing to a correct and harmonious development of any type of business – online or offline, B2B or B2C so you can focus on your business.

    Learn about the benefits of outsourcing in Logistics

    Customized logistic solutions, aiming at contributing to a correct and harmonious development of any type of business – online or offline, B2B or B2C so you can focus on your business.

      We proudly work for best brands in Romania

      So, who says you can’t manage growth, improve customer experience and keep up with new technology, all while reducing cost and complexity? Not us. We say, "Bring it on."









      NOVEMBER 2018

      What can you gain with Cargus and QeOPS?


      You do not need to bear the additional cost of renting space and hiring employees or pressure to expand as your business is growing.


      At any time, you have access to information about the status of deliveries, orders, and goods in stock and you will be charged as-you-go


      • high quality services
      • correct operation of orders and stocks (error rate> 3/1 mil)
      • Cargus & OeOPS - last pick-up at 7:30 p.m.
      • one contact for last mile courier services


      As you grow, your distribution system can get stretched to the breaking point. What to do? You could build your own intricate, in-house technology, staffing expertise and facilities infrastructure. Or you could save yourself the added hassle, tap into ours and get back to doing what you do best.


      Helps you improve inventory management and efficiency without getting buried in overhead.

      Expertise in:

      • Inventory control and visibility
      • Climate and temperature-controlled environments
      • Data and physical security
      • Reporting, measurement and compliance

      Integrated transportation management


      We help you transport and receive all your goods, with the perfect balance of speed, compliance and cost.

      Trust us for:

      • Product receiving/put-away
      • Inbound value-added services
      • Storage


      When orders come in, goods need to go out, fast. Your customers expect it. And we can help you do it even for all customers orders placed up to 8:00 pm you can be sure that will be deliverd next working day.

      Count on us for:

      • eComm Multi-channel with over 50+ integrations
      • Warhouse processing, ordered goods picking and packing
      • Outbound transportation management and delivery trought all carriers


      Sometimes the sale isn’t over when the goods ship. An impressive returns process is a sure way to keep loyal customers coming back.

      We're returns experts:

      • Returns receipt and disposition
      • Detailed screening and triage
      • Return refurbished
      • Return to stock and vendor
      • Hold for customer or vendor

      Moving Your Business Forward

      There’s a lot more to Cargus & QeOps eCommerce Fulfillment than just fulfillment. We can help your online business grow with support for everything from orders processing, throght highest multichannel delivery options in the best rates to customer-appreciated returns services.

      Warehouse location

      No metter where you’re selling, B2C or B2B customers, our strategically placed QeOps eCommerce Fulfillment warehous in Bucharest, enabling you to provide next day faster delivery a cross the country, longer cut off time for all orders, reduced shipping costs, and offer the greatest customer service ever.

      Receiving and Stock Management

      Setting you up for success starts the moment your goods arrive at our warehouse location. Our receiving team will log and efficiently store your inventory, making it available for picking in as little as 24 hours. And inventory is cycle-counted regularly, so you can feel confident you won’t miss an order or overcommit.

      Easy Integration

      We offer multiple over 50+ ready to be used integrations with most popular eComm MarkePlaces and platforms and well connectivity options to seamlessly integrate your business systems to our fulfillment WMS, trought API and EDI configurations.

      eComm Multi-channel Order Fulfillment

      Servicing your eCommerce or business channels customers requires the highest level of predictability, precision, and compliance. Cargus & QeOps can help you connect all delivery methods you’re offering no metter you’re providing on dommesting or international level

      End-to-End Visibility

      Our distributed order management system and automated multi-client fulfillment center help you control costs, speed up delivery timelines, and give you flexibility to scale if be needed during pick seasons. And with our QeOps inventory management portal, you can quickly check the status of orders and gain insights to help optimize your supply chain.

      Value Added Services

      Sometimes you just need an additional hand to get your eCommerce products ready for shipping. Whether it is creating a kit, changing labels, repackaging items, additional boxes or special procedure Cargus and QeOps can help.

      Slide I am very pleased with the promptness with which I am answered various problems and in fact that we are always looking for the most satisfactory solution for both parties
      Slide The words that best describe QeOPS services are reliable and good value for money
      Totul despre mame
      Slide I recommend QeOPS for professionalism and customer oriented approach
      Radio Mall

      Do More With Cargus & QeOps

      Outsourced multichannel e-commerce fulfillment services to help you grow and innovate.

      • Eliminating fixed costsYou do not need to bear the additional cost of renting space and hiring employees.
      • Fees based on a pay-as-you-go modelWe will only charge you after the service has been completed.
      • Effective business scalingThe space we provide for you grows along with your business.
      • Better shipping handling qualityYou can be sure that the parcel will reach the recipient really quickly - even on the next workday!
      • Process automatisationIntegration of the store with the warehousing system allows you to shorten order processing.
      • We develop infrastructure for youReducing entry investment in system integration costs as a part on our side.
      • Constant access to the latest technologiesWe constantly optimize processes and implement new technological solutions, increasing efficiency and effectiveness.
      • No minimum number of shipmentsYou pay only for completed operations, we do not restrict you with a minimum shipment volume limit.
      • Efficient logistics processClose proximity to Cargus Main Sorting Center guarantees an shorter logistics process and orders received before 20.00 will be shipped the same day.
      • Fulfillment is integrated with other Cargus servicesHand over your logistics into an efficient and integrated ecosystem.

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