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47% of online buyers willing to abandon cart for lack of information regarding payment means

With Cargus, your customers can pay how they want, so you don't miss a sale

47% of customers are willing to abandon their cart for not knowing if their prefered method of payment is available. *

1 in 2 customers will be more willing to shop when the online shop offers a wide range of payment methods that meet their expectations. More than 65% of customers would still choose cash on delivery**

57% of online shoppers are attracted by the availability of different payment methods**

Great ecommerce experiences are a differentiator in today’s increasingly digital shopping environment. Ongoing interest to determine and provide preferred payment methods should be part of the consumer journey on top performing e-shops. Optimizing your landing page, product, cart, and checkout pages is critical to help:

  • Reduce cart abandonment
  • Improve your conversion rates
  • Increase spend/average order value (AOV)
  • Boost your customers’ loyalty
Adopte these best practices and improve your conversion rates, increase cart sizes, and boost your customers’ loyalty and reduce the shopping cart abandonment,


Informing customers upstream about the availability of these popular payment options – even as early as your homepage – may help open new opportunities for customer acquisition and retention.

The most popular position is the footer, where the information you provide will be available throughout the customer’s session on the website.

A great option is to present delivery and payment options using icons or names of courier services.

Payment by card on delivery examples on top page and footer


So you spent a great amount of time trying to optimise your product pages for SEO. Then takes one more step and reduce checkout friction by indicating the most preffered payment means.On the listings, placing a logotype with an icon will raise the competitiveness of the product, reducing attention to price, increasing competitiveness without having to go into product details.

Depending on the ecomm platform structure you can signal the pay by card at delivery inside the group service listing or as trust badge .


Even though most customers still use cash on delivery, you can provide best of both worlds by providing option to pay by cash or pay by card at delivery

Display payment methods as MOST POPULAR. The sooner customers see their preferred payment method, the better. If you work with CARGUS, inform your customers that they can easily pay by card at delivery.

The cash on delivery option remains one of the cheapest forms of payment for the seller. It’s worth offering it at no extra cost associated with shipping. For many customers it will be essential and for you much cheaper to use.

Use the full version of the logo for the cash on delivery option. Users will have more trust in your shop and make their decision faster. over 65% of shoppers consider this detail as important.
Keywords and icons that quickly inform about the convenience of cash on delivery are boosters:
CARGUS – pay by card on delivery

“Choose cash on delivery and pay conveniently in installments on delivery with Cargus”

With the PIN on Glass Solution provided by Cargus in partnership with AlphaBank, payment for the parcel at courier becomes as simple as paying at the store. Payment can be made with any contactless card or using a digital wallet device. The transaction is carried out by simply bringing the payment instrument close to the courier’s PDA.

Yes, I want to offer the pay by card option for COD in my Ecomm. Are there additional costs?

No, pay by card on delivery does not imply any additional cost neither for the sender or the recipient. It’s a benefit provided by Cargus.

I already have a contract with Cargus. Is it necessary to sign an addendum to the contract?

No, its not necessary. All recipients of parcels sent with Cargus benefit from the option to pay the COD by card.

So can I just ship the parcel with option to pay by card?

Yes, the innovative payment mean is available right now for your recipients. All you have to do is let them know and turn it into a competitive advantage. Follow the best practice indicated above and get even more by simply reaching out to our ecomm and sales specialists.

Is it necessary to check a special mention when generation the AWB?

No, its not necessary to activate any special option or check something additional on the AWB. As long as you select COD option, the recipient can decide even on the spot if he will pay the COD with cash or by card.

I don’t believe this. I heard your couriers don’t provide this option

Cargus did significant investments in most performant PDA devices for our couriers. Once Pin on Glass became available, just in December 2021 the number of transactions with card increased with 14% versus previous month.

Do I need to invest in platform development or to activate a feature in my platform?

It is not necessary. In the Digital Logistics Kit section we have prepared banners that you can display in the most visible and important pages in your platform, like any other banner. Together with the ecomm team, we can also offer you support for more advanced integrations in the checkout stage that will increase sales performance. Reach out to ecomm@cargus.ro

Is the pay by card benefit available nation wide?

Yes, it is available. As long as your parcel is delivered by a Cargus courier, our IT specialists developed a highly scalable software that turns any Zebra PDA into a mobile POS.

Can my clients pay the COD online after shipment?

Yes, they can. Now, any parcel with COD sent with Cargus has a digital payment means option. All parcels collected from Ship & Go Network can be paid online. Find out more about Pay by Link here